About Us

Marl Adventure & Safaris  is a tour operator company in East Africa. The company is situated at Diani Beach, Kenya. The main offices are located at Diani Bazaar.

Our goal is to provide an ultimate experience, once in a life time vacation that captures the magic of East Africa and benefiting Africa. We have used our years of Experience and love of our homeland to organise unique Safaris for you. We promise that your safari will be respectful and sensitive to the homelands of the world’s most magnificent wildlife. We always protect the wildlife, cultural heritage and our environment. With the in-depth knowledge of our Flora and Fauna we strive to give our clients an unparalleled insight of East Africa through our safari experience. We support the principles of responsible Eco-tourism and respect the cultural practices and traditional norms of the various peoples and resident communities in all our destinations. We strive to provide an efficient and personalized service to every client, at the most competitive price within the region.

We are active members of Kenya’s association of local tour operators (KALTO).

The company manages a fleet of safari microbuses and four wheel drive safari land cruisers.

Our clients are assured up-to-date and immaculately kept vehicles appropriate for the territory and itinerary at hand. The fleet consists of custom-built and special modified 6-seater safari microbus and four wheel drive safari land cruisers with sliding windows, roof hatches and enough space for viewing. Window seats are guaranteed for all clients.

A cooler box, a pair of binoculars ad reference books are standard equipments in all vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a Hi fi radio set to give countrywide communication with our radio room.

Certain Safari itineraries like air safaris can involve transport operated by lodges and camps. The seat configuration in these can and will vary.

Our regular departure does appeal to wide range of nationalities, and budgets. This ensures you don’t incur expense of an exclusive private safari. Marl Safaris have designed selections of excursions, local safari and air safari, featuring all major game parks and reserves in Kenya and Tanzania.

Regular departures by Air are far the more popular type of safari on offer. East Africa has a comprehensive and reliable network of itinerary scheduled flight services operating between all major cities, towns and national parks and reserves. The services are offered in per seat Basis and operating in either single, twin or quadruple engine aircraft.

Wide range of aircraft is available for private charter services. This is for the ultimate convenience, for these the very best pilots are used and the very best aircraft.

Kenya and Tanzania offers unique tailor made safaris opportunities. Marl Adventure & Safaris tailor made safaris allow you to explore in full. The choice is yours; from the familiar national parks and reserves to the obscure and undiscovered wilderness truly there is something for everyone.

Marl Adventure & Safaris team have extensive knowledge at hand offering accurate and unbiased travel advice in tailor making tours to individual’s requirements and budgets. This results from hand work.

Many people dream of visiting east Africa if you are looking for the perfect incentives travel option for your employees, affiliates on partners why not let their dreams come true and offer them a Kenyan or Tanzanian holiday.

We use the medical services network that includes the continental renowned flying doctors services a 24hrs that features a fleet of aircrafts and ground ambulances, as well as emergency response centre and a radio network.

We are Represented on Safarigo and Safaribookings