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Kenya Jeep Safaris; Marl Safaris - Kenya

Marl Safaris is a legally registered Tour Company that operates Safari and Trips in Kenya. We offer tailor made Kenya Jeep Safaris which specially fit your travel plan, Private/Group, by Road/Air Safaris. Our Kenya office is located on the South Coast of Mombasa at Diani Beach and managed by a team of  professionals.

We have many years of experience and with this, we guarantee excellent service and best of satisfaction to our clients. Marl Safaris keeps the spirit in sustaining the Kenya flora, fauna and traditions.

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Unbeaten Short Safaris From Mombasa

Why Should I Choose Marl Safaris?


Recommended Long Safaris from Mombasa on a Budget

5 Days Kilimanjaro Safari

A Visit to Amboseli thru Tsavo East and Tsavo West

6 Days Pole Pole Safari

6 Days Tsavo East, Taita, Amboseli x2 & Tsavo West

7 Days Kenya Pride

A visit to T.East,  T.West, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara x2..

Safari Departing from Nairobi

Departure from Nairobi safaris. On this page we have not only some customized regular safaris starting from Nairobi and ending in Nairobi or coastal beach but also detailed safari information.

Marl Adventure Mombasa Excursions

Wasini Dolphin Trip

A Full Day Excursion in the Sea…

An escape to discover the Beauty and history of Mombasa – old town…

Discover the hidden treasure of Diani Beach..

A Full Day Excursion in the Sea…