4 days Tsavo West / Amboseli / Tsavo East

Green hills, volcanic landscapes, the idyll of the Mzima Springs, the highest mountain in Africa Kilimanjaro, huge elephant herds, wild animals in the African Savannah; three popular national parks in a safari!

Your safari:
Day 1

Pick up in the morning in your hotel / cottage and go on the exciting journey over Mombasa inland.

Just before the entrance to Tsavo West National Park, take a short break and head into the realm of wild animals.

The park is very scenic, dense vegetation and green hills characterize the picture. Wildlife find enough hiding places, so every game drive is a surprise tour and you need a whiff of safari luck.

Cruise the park until noon on the hunt for photo opportunities. Afterwards check in at the Lodge/Camp, enjoy a tasty lunch and relax a bit in the beautiful grounds.

After the afternoon tea, the next game drive to the spring lake Mzima Springs starts with hippos and crocodiles in a beautiful natural idyll.

On the way you will surely encounter animals in the wild, just look! At any time, a great animal encounter can happen!

At dusk, the path leads back to the camp, you refresh yourself and enjoy the dinner and let the eventful day fade away under the stars.

African nights in the camp/Lodge surrounded by nature are magical!

Day 2

Very early we make a early game, because the early hour is the active time of the big cats. We return for breakfast, check out and drive about 94 kilometers to Amboseli National Park. This ride will take you through the Chyulu Hills and Masailand. You can request a short stop at Sheitani lava field.

Amboseli National Park presents a completely different landscape: huge herds of elephants slowly pass through the flat wide plains. Enjoy the land at the foot of Kilimanjaro and feel the magic!
You will have an exciting game drive until lunchtime and then check in to your accommodation.

Here you spend your lunch break at lunch, a refreshment in the pool and just feel good!

The afternoon game drive takes you to the backdrop of the most popular photo opportunity, Mount Kilimanjaro!

In the evening we return to the lodge and spend another evening in an atmospheric atmosphere at dinner.

Day 3

Even today you start at daybreak for an interesting game viewing drive. After breakfast, the safari continues to Tsavo East National Park.

Already with the entrance to the "Theater of the Wilderness" Kenya shows its original side, the first game drive takes you through the middle of the national park to the Lodge/Camp. Here you will again strengthen yourself at lunch, set up in your accommodation and spend the hours in tranquility until the afternoon game drive. From the terrace of your room you have a beautiful view of the Water Holes, which is a magnet for many wild animals.

After the afternoon game drive, surely exciting, you return home for a nice evening at the lodge with a view and celebrate the successful safari day.

Day 4

After a cup of coffee / tea, we leave at dawn for the early morning stalk, the best time of day to watch a hunt for the big cats! Then there is a rich breakfast. We pack our luggage and check out. Until lunch, we roam the park for a nice round on the prowl, then we say goodbye to the wilderness.

After lunch, the tour will return to your hotel / cottage via Mombasa to the coast and in the late afternoon your driver will say goodbye to you. Kwaheri !!

This four-day safari takes you through different landscapes and offers you a successful mix of three national parks!

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